Understanding Instructional Design

Weekly Reflection – (Week2)

on January 12, 2012

Rebecca’s Reflection! :p 

I know nuts about Instructional Design (ID) when I was told to contribute information to it, but I was thankful that it was a group work as a group that contain 2-3 people can help to generate more ideas/information. But having said that I faced problems during the process of researching for certain questions since each person is allocated with different questions. For example, I do not really know if the information I found is useful or not or rather it is the appropriate answers to the questions. But having said that, I realized that after a few attempts of researching, I sort of understand what is Instructional Design about. This multiple of attempts had allow me to broaden my knowledge about ID and assisted me for my project. In a nutshell, I find researching can be useful at times when in comes in doing things that are relevant/related to my project.

Wee Ling’s reflection

This week I have come up with my topic and learning outcome for my project. My topic that I have chosen is PACT analysis and I have been researching on what the topic is about and how I can simplify the topic to allow the students understand it better. I have also been researching on relevant instructional model such as the ADDIE model, John Keller’s ARCS model and also after hearing from the rest of the groups on their instructional model, I will be choosing which model would best suit for my target audience.  Software tools that I will be using for my assignment will be research in the coming days as I have only chosen flash as one of my software tools. I will be having all the above mention in order before the end of next week.

Jia Qun’s Reflection

At the start of UNID, I thought it is more towards the games side as I heard that there is a lot of programming. However when I attended the lessons, it is more about the design, content  and how to make it more interesting for the learners to learn. When we were told about the project for this subject, I was a little worried. As we only have 8 weeks to complete it, and it is already coming to the end of 1 week soon. We had a lot research and I was struggling at the start, because there were many to research and I didn’t know how to start. I started looking through the questions and organise the workload I had. The research that we are asked to do was also very helpful in our project. Such as asking ourselves a lot of questions, what if it doesn’t have this, what would gain their interest. We can also understand about learners motivation by the Arcs model, then we can find ways to motivate them to learn. Currently I am looking up on Kolb’s learning style, and finding tools which can make e-learning more interesting.


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