Understanding Instructional Design

Jia Qun’s Evaluation on Usability Testing

on February 23, 2012

Evaluation on Usability Testing

My Reflection:

For this part of the process, we will get continual feedback from the testers to keep improving our e-learning package. So that we can make the website even better to help the users in learning. However, for this subject we can only do the whole entire ADDIE process once.

For my e-learning survey, I had 6 testers.  2 of them are design school students, 3 of them are IIT school Students (1 from Edumatics, 2 from 3D) and 1 of them is a business school student. But I found out that I needed to have more testers to have a more accurate result, as one of my question, all of them answered differently. So I wasn’t able to get a proper results.

So below is my survey questions and response:

For question 1: The aim was to find out whether the users have learn anything. 5 out of 6 users think that the content is very clear or extremely clear. So it means that my content and able to help them in learning.

For question 2: Is to find out whether the e-learning package did help them to learn on their own. It is important as it is a e-learning package to let them study on their own. So the users think that it easy to navigate and to understand what is taught, such as the content, information.

For question 3: To find out which course materials help them to learn better. From this question we  can see that users learn differently. Out of 6 users, 5 of them gave different answers. So it would be good to provide a variety of materials to help all of them to learn better.

For question 4: It is to find out if the usefulness and importance of the materials, what materials is helpful in helping them to learn better. Most of them preferred to have graphics, videos, games and quiz. So maybe we can focus a bit more time on these materials.

For question 5: It is to find out whether the assignments is useful in learning and applying what they learned.  So most of them think them it is extremely useful. As it have a average rating of 4 for both of the assignments.

For question 6: It is to find out what they like about this e-learning package. To know what they like throughout their learning experience. Most of them like the visuals, such as the graphics, activities. Some users also like the interface such as the navigations.

For question 7: It is to find out what they didn’t like throughout the e-learning package. So that I can improve on some of these features, or remove them. Most of them dislike the audio for the lessons, the audio is robotic and sometimes skip the words when reading. The audio also seems very laggy. Maybe I can provide a mute button to mute it as mentioned by 1 of the users.

For question 8: To find out what needs to be improve and getting some suggestions to improve on it. Getting suggestions can help us to work on it as users may have something they have in mind. So asking them for opinions can get more proper suggestions and solutions. All the users have different opinions on the e-learning package. Such as having clearer audio, more graphics and animations. So from this survey I can improve on these items.

So through these feedbacks, I will roughly know what is the users expectations in the e-learning package. From one of the questions, I got 5 different answers, so it would be good that we have a variety of materials to help all the users to learn better. Through the comment box, I can know what are users thoughts.

While observing the testers testing the e-learning package, I found out a few things that I have done wrong.  They would also point out my errors, such as spelling, sounds, design. I have done a bit of changes that Ms Jean has pointed out, which is having feedbacks, play, pause and stop button, adding a video. I also did some changes after I did my user testing, such as editing the questions, solving some technical errors and changing a bit of the designs.

Overall it is a great experience and I felt quite accomplish, as I get to create a e-learning package myself. It could be done better, such as having a better audio such as recording my own voice, as my users complained that the sound is very robotic and distracting. I also felt quite happy that my users understood the questions and games and knowing the answer after they read through the lessons.


Note: I have a word document of this along with my e-learning package.


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