Understanding Instructional Design

Wee Ling’s Evaluation on Usability Testing

on February 23, 2012


The users that took my e-learning package are between the aged of 19 to 25 years. All of them are from interactive media informatics course.  

After getting the results from the survey I have concluded that most of my users are not satisfied with the narration. The negative feedback that I have gotten from the users are that the narration was monotonous and at times jumpy while the majority feedback that they are annoyed by just the sound of the narration after hearing it for a while. Because that two users find that they prefer watching animation for the e-learning package as oppose to narration.   

The positive feedback I have gotten from the results was that the graphic was the best part of my e-learning package. This shows that the animation that I have done for my e-learning package was useful for the users to understand the e-learning package better.    

From what the user have suggested for improving my e-learning package and if I could enhance my e-learning package better, maybe I would get paid software or I could invite my friends or myself to record the package for my narration. I will enhance my quiz by giving the answer to the user when they answer the question wrongly. For one of the user he suggested that I should reduce the words and pages for my e-learning package. I believe that he likes the whole e-learning package in an animation form; whereby words are not used to illustrate the content.


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