Understanding Instructional Design

Week 6 Weekly Reflection

on February 6, 2012

Rebecca’s Reflection

This week topic is about “Evaluation Phase” thus I have come to a conclusion that being an eCourseware Content Developer, I need to come out with an ID evaluation plan for my application. It is important because gathering feedback/opinions from learners means a lot to the developer so that they know what improvements to make or reflect. Thus by making revisions, adjustments and corrections based on feedback, it will ensure that the product is up to expectation. As for now, I’m stuck at the Assessment area and unable to proceed on to the evaluation section, however I hope that I can complete it by this week and start my evaluation next week as time is rushing out for me now. 

WeeLing’s Reflection

This week I tried to finish up my content, quiz and game so by next week I can move on to using the text to speech convertor to allow my e-learning tool to be more interactive. At first I have problems with my content as there are also movieclip added to the e-learning package, but with the help of my teacher, she manage to help me solved my problem. I learn alot on how to animate my movieclip correctly.

There was a problem that took place regarding my page number as it was not working as the swf file showed page 2 of 0. After consulting with the teacher she make me realise that the problem was not because of the code, rather is because of the way I added my keyframe. She explain to me that instead of having to insert key frame on every frame for my page numbers, I should instead right click and insert frame as I am going to use the same code for my next and back button.  Thanks to the help and guidance from the teacher I manage to solve the problem.

This week make me realise that creating an e-learning package is not easy and I need to put in more than 100% effort in order to complete my assignment. With that in mind I will continue to work even harder in the weeks to come.

Jia Qun’s Reflection

This week, i have added in the content for my e-learning. Actually i did an animation for the images, and it keeps looping. But i ask my people(friends and teacher) how was it. They told me it was kind of fast and the users might not be able to catch up with the animation.  They suggested to have a play and stop function to allow users to pause and read. So i added in buttons to allow them to click next and previous, to allow them to see the images at their own pace.

I am now currently doing and editing my questions for my quiz and games. I think the questions is one of the hardest part to do, as there are many types of questions. I will try to have a few kinds of questions. I have to quickly complete my work so i can start on the evaluation.


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