Understanding Instructional Design

Week 4 Weekly Reflection

on January 27, 2012

Rebecca’s Reflection

Week 4  teaches me about the Development Phrase where we are required to research about the Development Phrase and Visual tools available for creating eLearning materials. The research has helped to broaden my knowledge for this module thus I got a clearer view/understanding. 

After the researching section is done, I will then decide on the tools to use and creating a design template. After a serious thought, I have decided to utilize Photoshop as one of my tools  to create the e-courseware since I am much more familiar in using it and is pretty much easy to use.  As such, during the course of designing, I did not really encounter obstacles but codes wise, I am unable to say it here since I have yet to start.

In conclusion, I find Week 4 is an interesting week for me since I get to design my own e-courseware in order to cater to meet the needs for learners 🙂

Jia Qun’s Reflection

I have learn alot about flash and how we could animate objects. It was very interesting and cool, as we can add sounds, videos and even stop them and re-play them we go to the previous page and next page. We could also do effects using flash, such as adding the effects to the instruments. The codes was still a tough part for this week of the class. 

For my E-learning project, I have decided to use Flash for the slides of my e-learning, which was already taught by Teacher. I am also going to use Camtasia or Debut Video to record video recordings of the desktop. It would be useful to show them examples online and video to facilitate learning. I would also use Hot Potato for my drag and drop game.

I have also done my template and a rough design of what my e-learning would be like. I have also started to draw the things i needed to trace. Currently my e-learning looks a bit childish, so i hope as i work on it, it will eventually look nicer and less childish. As for the book i mentioned previously, i haven’t read much. However, i should be able to read or scan through the important information by next week.  In the book it tells me some activities i could do, how i can do it and more. 

Wee Ling’s Reflection

This week is the development phrase, i learn how to create video and audio through the adobe flash. After the lessons taught by my lecturer, I realise that animating a video and audio is not that easy and require some time to understand.

For my assignment, as this is the development phrase, I would use adobe flash and hot potatoes for my video,quiz and game. First I will need to transfer my ideas that I have created in Photoshop to adobe flash as flash will be my primary tools that I am going to use to create my e-learning software. After I  get that done, I will proceed to create the codes to animate the objects. This will be a tough part as the codes can have many problems such as error and things might not work out from my original idea. Creating my quiz using hot potatoes would be new to me as I have not used the software before, so I will be trying out how the software works in the coming week and try to make my quiz as interactive as I can.

I find that as the weeks passes by, things are getting into shape and that also meant that it’s going to get tougher after each week. At the end of the day, I hope that I can produce a good e-learning package so that it will benefit other people who might be interested in the topic that I chose.


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