Understanding Instructional Design

Week 3 Reflection

on January 19, 2012

Rebecca’s Reflection

I am inexperienced when it comes in designing an online e-course though I have seen and utilized it a few years back. I was worried that I might not be able to produce good result as this is my first attempt designing an online e-courseware. Fortunately, my lecture provided me with some good ideas of what design and content I can include in the e-course and I find it somewhat useful and will implement on it.

I began to sketch out designs I had planned for the e-courseware a few days ago. Knowing that I suck in Art, I thought I could make use of the Microsoft Tools to assist me in my design phrase though my lecture advised me to sketch it on a paper to save trouble!

On the other hand, I am also required to do a thorough research for this e-courseware so as to provide detail content/information in the slides. I learned quite a lot during the course of researching as it really benefits me in certain aspects.

Additionally, I have also learned how to construct the e-courseware using Flash and I thought it was kind of appealing and fascinating as I get to use different tools to design the type of design I want it to be.

I trust that I will be very busy in this coming challenging week since I still have quite a lot of things on hand need to be done.  I hope I can complete this e-courseware within the given period and I’m looking forward in what users have to say about my e-courseware!

Jia Qun’s Reflection

This week is the design phrase, so we had to draw out all the design and plan everything out. I find that that 8 weeks seems kind of tight to complete everything. But since we are done with the rough design, i hope that by then we can all complete it well. We were also asked to do a lot of research, such as the 5 questions, about our target audience and goals. Through the research i found, i learnt more about the differences, problems, models.  Through the research i was able to understand some of the ideas better and got a clearer understanding of it. This week i also learn to build a e-learning using flash. It was kind of interesting, as we can show the page number, display the wrong answer and correct answer. I also find the “Hit” for the answer is very interesting, as you can just click on the answer. I also hope that during the coming weekends i can come up with better activities, as i borrowed a book from the library, still waiting for my chance to be able to read it.

Wee Ling’s Reflection

This whole week is the design phrase where we starts to draw out what we wanted to do for our e-learning course. I find that this will be tough as I not very good at drawing. Although the teacher suggested to draw on a piece of paper which is alot easier, I decided to draw it on Photoshop as I felt more confident using the software as oppose to hand drawn. At first when I was told to start designing the e-learning course, I was clueless as to what I should be designing. After searching through the website for examples, and also the lesson that the teacher had gone through with us, I started to plan out the possible design for the e-learning course. I was again confused by the fact that the storyboard does not have to show all the screenshot of the e-learning course and thankfully having consulted with my teacher I realise that the storyboard was not actually that difficult at all. I believe the coming week would be more challenging and I hope that I can be able to complete my e-learning course on time.


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