Understanding Instructional Design

Jia Qun’s Topic

on January 19, 2012

Step 2: Select a topic from any subject that interest you. Make sure there are enough information available for you to create an effective ID project/E-learning project. Things to consider before you design your e-learning package:

Topic: HCI – Heuristics


Students must state clearly the goals and objectives for the e-learning package

  • Students will be able to evaluate the design and usability of the website based on the Heuristics.
  • To learn and remember the 10 heuristics so that they can evaluate the usability of the websites, by applying the heuristics.

State what impact is intended on the audience

  • Able to evaluate and apply the Heuristics taught, on websites
  • Able to remember the 10 heuristics by heart
Target Audience

My target audience would be Polytechnic Students age around 17 to 24, studying Human Computer Interaction (HCI). They are learning new information which is added on from previous subject knowledge, such as Web Design (WDS). The students would learn more about designing a usable websites  which will be suitable for learning.

The attention span of the students is very short, as they get distracted easily by their surroundings such as games and friends. They also had other lessons throughout the week which is very tiring and added on to that, they have a lot of assignments and projects to complete. So it is not easy to make the students sit in front of the screen for a long time, as they might not concentrate throughout. Therefore we should make learning more interesting so that they would have the motivation to continue to learn and study.

If we give students a whole chunk of text to read, they would choose the information they would like to read and they won’t absorb a lot from reading if they seems to be forced to read. Therefore, we can do so by avoiding chunk of text for the students to read. We can add in some interactivity in the process of learning. Making learning more than just reading. We should try to attract their attention from the start to let them have motivation to continue. As the students have different concentration level, and different kind of learning styles. So we can provide different activities for the learners to learn.

By the end of the whole e-learning they should be able to understand the heuristics and how to apply them on websites. So when they enter the working world, they should be able to evaluate the design and usability of the website.

The content shouldn’t be very wordy, there should be some graphics, animation or videos in it. To interest the target audience. As there is some interactions going on instead of just scrolling up and down the screen. If the activities is special and interesting, the target audience would like it and would benefit from it.

Needs Assessment

The topic would be about heuristics. How they can apply the heuristics on websites. The learners are  Polytechnic Students age around 17 to 24, studying Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The students are not very self-motivated and self-discipline. The students would not go home straight away and do their work, they would wait until they felt like doing them. Thus wasting a lot of time on activities that is not as important as studies. They are also not very motivated to do their work, there will be students that would do it for the sake of doing. It is important that the students have the motivation, to understand what they are doing so that they can score well and get good grades. The students concentration level and attention span is very low, as they would be distracted easily.  When they get distracted easily, they would take longer than they expected  to complete the task . Therefore it is important to highlight these needs.

It is important that  the students understand what they are studying, so that they are able to apply it in the real world, such as evaluating websites. As heuristics is more about application and the e-learning would not be able to evaluate everything they want to know. So after going through this e-learning, they should be able to understand the heuristics and how they could to apply them. The instruction that is displayed can be more interesting and more meaningful for the students, so that they can learn and remember better. We could do so by making the information more interesting and meaningful , this would allow them to remember and understand easily. To make the students more motivated to learn, having a variety of activities, would be more interesting then reading. As they get to play and interact around as they learn. They will be able to make connections better.

Goal Description and Statement

The learner that wants to accomplish their goals, would be students who is studying HCI and wants to understand heuristics better, to be able apply the heuristics on their project as well as examinations. The learner should be able to understand the heuristics and how to apply it on websites after learning it. For the above to happen, the learner should be motivated to do their own work, able to find time to read up more on it.

Describes the tools that will be available to the learners.

The tools that would be available to learners is the e-learning materials, there will be some activities available also. There will also be quizzes, games, and more to let the learners interact with. Instead of just reading through the slides.

Describes how they would tell that the learners accomplished the goal.

We can tell that the learners accomplished their goals by asking feedbacks from the learners, such as having a user testing and asking them how is the website. Another way would be to have a test or quiz to test them, whether they have understand it well, and whether they know how to apply it in real life situations. We also can conduct a survey to ask them questions on the website, or e-learning system.


Step 3: StoryBoarding

1. This is the cover page of the e-learning. The design of is like a book. The image is a  thumb. As we should remember heuristic as a rule of thumb.






2. Image, Video, animation all on the left. Content is on the right






3. This image shows the animation progress.





4. This is the Drag and drop game. It is an image of the website, and the users will have to drag and drop the heuristics to the website.





5. Quizzes will be scenario based. The question will be on the left. Image or multiple choice on the right. They would have to click on the part of the image(answer). This is a image based question.





6. Quizzes will be scenario based. The question will be on the left. Image or multiple choice on the right. They would have to click on answer. This is an answer based question.





7. This is the question and answer section. Where they will get to know the frequently ask questions. They can click “ask” to know the answer as it is more interactive this way.




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