Understanding Instructional Design

Step 2: Select a Topic that Interest You! ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ

on January 9, 2012

Rebecca’s Topic on Job Hunt & Interview CMSK2


✔  Students must state clearly the goals and objectives for the e-learning package

✔   Educating students of how to write an effective cover letter 

✔ Providing students a faster access of knowledge and information

• State what impact is intended on the audience

Audience might be curious of how to write a good cover letter

Target Audience

I will be designing a website targeting at Polytechnic Students age ranging from 17-20 years old. As such, appropriate texts should be use and must not be too small because teenagers have the habit of leaning back in their chairs when they are at their computers. This begins with “Interactivity”. Teenagers want to be doing something other than just sitting and reading which results in boredom. Thus the best interactive elements might include polls, quizzes, ability to ask questions from experts.

Alternatively, another type of element that teenagers find it attractive is the use of photographs together with images as it helps to relieve text of burden through communicating of ideas. This is because teenagers hate seeing a cluttered websites or too much writing involved. They are  unreluctantly to stick around websites that contain useful content but in a poor presentation. Research has shown that after one or two pages, teenagers are ready to make their decision on the websites. 

As majority of the students might have already known  how to write a cover letter during their secondary school days, some would have forgotten of how to write a good cover letter and resume. For this reason, this E-Courseware that I am designing will aids in assisting  students who wished to learn more in writing an effective cover letter and resume. Therefore, the content of the e-learning package will include a short lecture slides which will be explaining and introducing what is the topic about. In order to test if the students understand what have they learn from the E-Courseware, they will be answering questions from the quizzes that I will be going to create. 

• Description of content that is relevant to the target audience

A lecture slides that display samples of writing up a cover letter  so as to provide a clear idea for students. It also teaches the students to construct appropriate sentence when writing both the cover letter.

• Will it interest the target audience?

I will reduce the number of words so that students will not be turned off  by my E-Courseware as a website filled with words will bored the users out. Furthermore, I will be implementing pictures as well as colors thus increasing their attention span and capture their attention. 

• Will the target audience benefit?

Through the E-Courseware students get to benefit as they will be able to learn how to write a cover letter in a fun and simple way! It is something more than meet it eyes as it contains lecture notes with pictures, quizzes and activities for students to practice.

Needs Assessment

• Describes general topic for which they wish to develop an instructional program.

The general topic which I wish to develop is writing a good cover letter when applying for a job. The E-Courseware will teach students the format of writing. 

• Describes who the learners are. Includes any relevant learner characteristics.

Polytechnic students of age ranging from 17-20 years old who are curious in writing both the cover letter but lack the motivation of it. Generally, these bunches of students are lazy and due to peer’s influences, they lack the motivation to study hard.

• Describes the instructional need – what learners can’t do that they want them to be able to do.

A few learners will not be able to fully comprehend the topic that is taught to them in the lectures; hence activities are  included for them. In addition, I hope that the learners are able to focus when going through the lecture slides.

 • Describes why they think the need can be addressed by instruction.

There is a need because different types of learner have different learning styles and they learn at a different pace.

Goal Description and Statement

• Describes the learners that they want to accomplish their goal.

Learners who are seeking for a more interactive way of understanding the “how” in writing a cover letter. 

• Describes what the learners should be able to do.

Given a scenario, learners should be able to write a cover letter.

• Describes the context in which the learners will attempt to accomplish the goal.

In order to accomplish the goal, it required the motivation in learners thus interactive lecture slides and activities are created.

 • Describes the tools that will be available to the learners.                

Think of E-learning and people will probably envisage students using laptops or computers to take online classes. Online learning is more than simply cooping yourself up in a dorm room studying. In this modern era, E-learning tools are already surpassing computers and these include Podcasts, MP3 Players, Blogs and etc.

Net generation students are experienced in technologies often arrive on campus expert through communicating via text message, e-mails MP3 Player and etc. Students are searching to implement their technology and skills to learning while campus are finding methods to cater to those needs with online courses that bring new technology to traditional teaching.

The tools that I will be using are C-box. It is a chat box that allows visitors to leave message and talk to each other.

• Describes how they would tell that the learners accomplished the goal.

See how well they fare in the Drag & Drop activity I have come up with. If they match it wrongly, the box will repel back and then they have to match it with the correct answer. 


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