Understanding Instructional Design

Step 1 Evaluation on Educational Websites

on January 8, 2012

Question: Each student is required to research any 3 educational websites (make sure it is educational and evaluate what is good and bad about these Education websites)

Rebecca’s Evaluation on http://www.heymath.com/index_sg.jsp (Click on the link)

HEYMATH! is a tool that students can use at home to re-enforce the Math lessons taught in school.

Video on empowering teaching on Compound Interest

When I first saw the website I thought it was a good design. For instance, appropriate colors are used when designing the website. White background with black writing is preferable as this is much easier to read than a website contains a dark background accompanied with light writing. The website makes things easier for users because it is easy to navigate around thus ensuring users what they want by using relevant categories and links to the assorted segments of the website. It also focused on the niche market that they are aiming to. They do not include information that is irrelevant on the website.  Furthermore, contact is included in the website which helps users to stay in contact with them.

I was impressed with the lessons taught especially with the animated aspect!!! This helps to cater to meet the learning disabilities needs. HeyMath is round the clock service and is an excellent website for students who were absent from school.

HeyMath has assisted students to visualize concepts much more easily as well as enriching their knowledge for Math through animations together with several examples provided. It is a handy tool that helps students to assimilate their knowledge which the students have learnt in school; nevertheless it also helps to further reinforce student’s understanding via conducting online tests.

Conversely, it is an effective approach for teachers to provide online tests for students as they can time themselves when working on the tests. With the math quizzes posted online, students can keep track of their progress in each diverse Math topics.

In conclusion, HeyMath! Offers comprehensive lesson for students to learn online. Additionally, there is an “Ask a Teacher” link provided for students. Through this link, they can clear their doubts by asking teachers question and responses are posted within 24 hours.

Did the websites successfully meet the needs of its target audiences?

Yes, the website did meet the needs of its target audience as it provides the necessary elements online for the students.  For example, it contained audio, video as well as animation that helps to capture students’ attention and also encouraged learning. 

Wee Ling’s Evaluation on http://www.singaporelearning.com/ (Click on the link)

The overall colour combination for the website is appropriate for students of all ages as the colour is not dull or too striking.

The login area is located at the left side of the webpage which I find it appropriate as it gives the audience a clear idea once they got into this website where they could login to their account.

Additional tabs such as an e-citizen tab, search engine and the website’s newsletter are shown at the left side of the page, the graphic that the website use is clear and straightforward and when the audience can glance at the additional information provided by the website, it is easily understood on the content if they were to click on them.

Advertisement is also located at the top right side of the webpage, this is appropriate as the left side of the webpage is filled with other tabs, having the advisement solely on the right side adds more weight to the advisement as the audience would catch the advisement just by glancing the right side of the page.

Overall in my opinion having the login area, other tabs and advisement on the left and right side of the page gives the website a clean look as the main content is concentrated at the middle portion of the website and this helps the audience to concentrate on the main content that the website wishes to deliver.

When you click on the e-learning preview tab shown on the main page it brings you to a video introduction on what the website has to offer to the students as well as to allow the parents have an idea on what their children are learning from the websites. The tabs at the top of the page is appropriate and straightforward, play n learn, cool share, cool school, knowledge café.

The only downside to the website that I found is the cool share page where the website uses white and green to make up the table for the entries. It makes me feel like I want to change to the other tabs available as soon as I saw this page. Maybe the colour contrast for this particular page is not appropriate for viewing for a long period of time. If the website uses the same colour as their background; white and orange, it would be easier for the audience to view the entries with much better ease.

Jiaqun’s Evaluation on http://www.math.com/ (Click on the link) 









Target audience: Students who want to revise on their Mathematics. Students who wanted to practice more on their Mathematics.


 –          You are able to email a page and share it with your friend. Both of them can learn the information shown on the page together.

 –          It allows users to choose the topics they want to learn.

 –          They allow users to choose what type of level and documents they would like to view.  


 –          The design of this website seems to be very plain and it is not very attractive to students. However, in the website, it is mostly words and links. There isn’t much graphics, and may not appeal to them.

 –          The ads at the side seems to be a little distracting and it is taking it up more space than the actual learning space. They should make a column for ads, for example all the ads are smaller, and all at the side. They should also categorize important information and make them bigger. Some of the ads shown were also not related to Mathematics.

 –          There are too many tabs which would make kids very confused, although there are many ways to get to a page. Maybe they could reduce the amount of links. As there are 3 different columns with links. The tabs at the side is not very consistent. As they keep changing throughout the pages.

 –          The contents at each page is quite confusing, as there will be ads in between of the content. It also makes the website very confusing.

 –          The content they are teaching are all words, there are no audio, images, video. 

* It isn’t a really good website for learning. As it is all content, there is no audio, video, animation. The website is quite plain and it doesn’t really encourage learning.


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